Design Services

Sanitary Design
BEA has the proven ability to design both on-site waste disposal systems and municipal
sanitary sewer connections. If your site needs sanitary waste treatment there are several
on site methods, call to discuss.
Or if you site needs standard or complex connections to a municipal sewer, we can
handle that as well.

Surveying Services
  • Boundary Surveys • Land Title Surveys
  • Topographic Survey • Construction Staking
  • Surveyor Location • Reports
  • Commercial Sites Design

Commercial/Industrial Sites Design
In the past few years, we have been associated with the following projects: Eli Lilly
Corporate Center as well as work in their Clinton and Greenfield offices, Indiana
University Recreational Facilities at Bloomington, St. Vincent Hospital expansion of the
86th Street Campus, Red Gold Distribution Project, Pfizer Expansion in Terre Haute and
the addition to the Convention Center in Indianapolis. Our involvement as a surveyors
and engineers for these projects and other projects includes the following: boundary
surveys, topographic surveys, platting, easement descriptions, re-zoning property,
floodway analysis, preparation of design development drawings in coordination with the
design team, preparation of construction documents such as demolition plans, site
layout, grading, storm and sanitary sewer design, site details related to the projects, and
field observation during construction.

Drainage Design
Floodway studies, Hydrology and Hydraulic analysis are needed in almost all of our
projects and because of this we have gained a reputation for our water resources staff.
We use the latest software such as EPA SWMM, HEC RAS, Storm CAD, TR-20 and
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